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About us

Model parts not mentioned here are also available for bargain prices. We have some capabilities to build your own wing and tail plane designs by using carbon composites. We can supply you with spar caps & trailing edges, rib cap strips, taco shells etc. We'll also teach you some builder's "tricks" . Our team of model builders is able to produce good F1C and F1B planes and parts. Some of us are good builders for RC airplanes like hand launched, electric powered and thermal duration gliders.

A new and interesting endeavor for us is manufacturing F1G (coupe) wings and stabilizers and F1J (power) airplanes. We chose "Icarex" covering material for the most our planes. Also we use "Oracover", "Airspan", and "Micafilm" for certain models where appropriate.

For electronic F1A and F1H models we use Roger Morrell's "Black Magic" timers. We do this because he offers excellent technical support through e-mail conversations and teaching support through his user's guide brochure. You can also add Ken Bauer's RCDT to the "Black Magic" electronic timers. This system will allow you to save your model in good shape for a long time. This is especially useful when test flying in small fields or just when test flying in any size field.

We also will help you to maintain your models in excellent condition through our repair service. We can repair or replace damaged parts, make desired modifications, recover flying surfaces, etc. We are constantly trying to improve the quality of the workmanship for our models and parts while maintaining our bargain prices.

Let us be the builders of your next contest wining free flight model airplane.

We are sorry to announce that we have to change all our prices to Euros.Please,understand the situation for us.US dollar went down in value badly last year.Than,carbon supply raised cost for us a few times up.Than the life level and costs have increased in Ukraine after Orange revolution at year 2004.We promise to drop prices down at the time US dollar will get fix it's value.

More info! - contact us.

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